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The Freakazoids are set to explode onto the Electro scene once again with their brand new album ‘In Freakz We Trust’. This project has evolved steadily over the last few years, driven solely by a lifelong passion for Electro Funk. Secretly locked away in The Freakazoids studio, Lee Coombs, Nick Slater and Lanx have been working overtime, the idea was to revisit original tracks they created in the mid 90’s, give them today’s modern production techniques and still retain the classic Electro Funk vibe that we all love. Totally inspired by many of the Electro pioneers of the 80’s and 90’s, The Freakazoids bring together all forms of Electro (Old School Hip Hop, Techno and Bass) and make their own unmistakable melting pot of Electronica. Chill was drafted in and collaborated on three of the tracks (Bass Generator, Rock the Place and In Freakz we Trust). Chill (Universal Zulu Nation(UK Chapter) brings his own amazing style and vocal skills which not only fit perfectly but send the production through to the next level. ‘In Freakz We Trust‘ transports you to a time where Machines have Funk and Beats have Soul…

Lee Coombs, Nick Slater and Lanx first met in the 1989 Acid House / Rave days of Cambridge, UK. Lee Coombs started out DJing at local Acid House parties and large events such as Eclipse. Nick and Lanx are DJs and two of the three members of Peterborough’s legendary Rave act Shades of Rhythm. After meeting at many parties and events they soon recognized their similar passion for Funk and Old School Beats and then agreed to get together in the studio and start recreating the Electro music that they had all grown up listening to. Their first releases became instant underground classics with DJs all over the world begging for more!

In Freakz We Trust’ is scheduled for release late March 2014 and will be available as a limited edition CD and Vinyl package.


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